We Produce 100% Organic Fertilizer

ECO-Clean Organic Fertilizer is produced and marketed in Nigeria by Marshal and Mitchel Integrated Services Ltd. Marshal & Mitchel is an indigenous company established to produce and market the best organic fertilizer in Nigeria with the blending of raw sapropel with other local materials to suit the Nigerian soil and crop requirement.  We use the soil map of Nigeria which has the composition, nutrient levels and characteristics such as the pH balance of the  More


Our Products

Our products are made by a special technology for home, professional or industrial users. These products are made for soil improvement and harvest increasing, helping to improve natural taste qualities.

Why Chose Eco-Clean


Increases soil temperature through microbial activity, which enables greater cultivation in colder regions.


Improvement of soil quality substantially reduces the growth of weeds and herbivore insects, thus gradually eliminating the need for toxic herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.


Serves as a catalyst to naturally detoxify and enrich the topsoil—which increases plant growth, yield, shelf-life and overall nutritional quality


Promotes photosynthesis and strengthens the vigor of plants, thus increasing their ability to withstand drought, floods, and temperature extremes.


Why Chose Eco-Clean


Improves soil aggregation, permeability, and water holding capacity—thus reducing overall water usage.


Helps prevent the erosion of fertile topsoil—and can even convert desert and sodic environments into arable land..


Detoxifies, conserves, and improves the overall quality of water and the runoff tributaries.


Naturally remediates harmful substances—such as heavy metals, salinity, and agrochemicals—while restoring the microbial diversity of the topsoil.